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Mini the mulcher

specialsing in small

Tree and shrub Chipping

Servicing Mornington, Mt Martha, Safety Beach, Dromana, McCrae, Rosebud, Arthurs Seat, Main Ridge, Red Hill, Flinders and Cape Schanck

What we do…

We specialise in chipping services for small trees and shrubs. Great for home gardeners, landscapers and garden maintenance companies.

Mini the Mulcher
With our compact equipment, we specialise in chipping (mulching) small tree waste and shrubs for residential and commercial clients on the Mornington Peninsula.
Whether you live on a residential block or rural farm land, we can turn your tree waste into small wood chips to be used in and around your garden. Services start from as low as $245.

How to prepare your mulch pile and save money

Here are a few examples of how to stack and line up your pile. Ends all pointing the same way.
And remember, the greener the better. It’s easier to chip freshly cut branches then ones left to dry out – that’s firewood!

How not to prepare your mulch pile and spend money

Here are a few examples of how NOT to stack your pile. The harder it is to pull branches out of a pile the longer it takes and will increase costs.