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Mini the mulcher

About us

After 12 years of gardening and landscaping on our 11 acre farm-stay in Arthurs Seat, we find ourselves with a lot of machinery not being used and is now available elsewhere. That’s where the idea of Mini The Mulcher came from.

In 2020 we purchased a 6inch chipper to use on our property and it’s one piece of equipment that we wished was purchased years ago. It’s ideal for cleaning up 90% of the tree debris that we find after a storm and perfect for top dressing our garden beds.

With TIP fees reaching exorbitant levels and levels of waste a growing concern, why not reuse those branches and shrubs? Remember the 3 R’s – Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle. Your garden will love you for it.

Our small sized equipment can do some amazing work, give us a try.

Local for locals

We only work on the Mornington Peninsula and service areas south of Mornington. Available Monday – Friday and weekends by arrangement


Managing gardening, handyman and landscaping services on an 11 acre Farm-Stay in Arthurs Seat since 2010 and other properties before that.

Go Green

Mulching is environmentally friendly while helping your garden at the same time. Cut it, chip it, spread it. ​

Small work Specialists

With our 6inch chipper and 4WD ute, we can operate in tight locations that larger companies cannot access. In many cases, we can chip close to where you need mulch, saving you having to cart it around in a wheel barrow.

End product

Our mulch…

Typical mulch from larger machines…

The mulch generated by our chipper is far smaller, and better for your garden, than what larger machines produce. See the images to compare.